Peter is a passionate writer, broadcaster, marketer and traveler.

Peter has written for Canada’s largest newspaper, The Toronto Star and the world’s largest men’s portal,

He discovered later in life that he can actually write and loves to write about human nature, relationships and parenting. His work has had a profound effect on his readers, in some cases life-changing, while on occasion, his words have brought couples back together again. His writing has been blogged around the world from Australia to Viet Nam.

Peter has been invited by Newstalk, CFRB1010 to create, write and produce his own radio talk show. His show, co-starring Liza Fromer, Teresa Pavlinek and a cast of thousands is set to launch in March 2011.

He has served as Marketing Director for the Arts Foundation of Greater Toronto, Canadian Outward Bound Wilderness School and The Toronto Mendelssohn Choir and Orchestra.

With regards to public service, Peter has served as a special assistant to Councillor Jack Layton at Toronto City Hall. He has produced Messiah for the City for United Way of Greater Toronto clients with Musicians of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra for twelve consecutive years.

Peter is an uber-committed father to his wonderful twenty-year old son Noah.

Peter is an avid amateur archaeologist, paleontologist and antique collector. As a matter of fact, nothing in his living room post-dates 1937.

He has studied Arctic and Antarctic exploration and has traveled extensively, once living with a tribe on a remote island in the Fijian island chain.

He lives in his favorite neighborhood in Toronto, the Annex.